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Food Service Information

**The menu is subject to change**
Welcome to the Ray Cafe!
Welcome New Ray School Families!

You will notice some changes in the food service operation at Ray School this year, starting with our newly hired Food Service Manager, Christine Hutchins. She has extensive experience in school food service operations and a passion for cooking. Our returning food service professionals, Pat, will be joined by Wendy who has experience in both school and restaurant operations. We will miss Karen and Maria but wish them good luck in their new adventures.

We are making some exciting changes including a move to using more locally grown produce and products. Main entries will be made from scratch, fresh daily. A variety of new salads and extended protein options will be available as salad bar options. The menus will be posted monthly. We will be asking parents/students to place their orders the day before so we can begin each morning promptly preparing the days meals. This will also help us to minimize waste. We will always make a few extra for any students who may not be able to order ahead due to absence. Rest assured no students will be turned away from a good, nutritious meal. This year all students purchasing hot lunch meals will be able to move through the salad bar line choosing it as a vegetable/fruit option.

As the year progresses, we will be introducing “try me bites.” An opportunity for the students to try new items and provide feedback on whether they would like it added as a main menu item. We want everyone to know that our door is always open and we welcome new ideas, suggestions and comments from everyone, especially the students! We want lunch to be fun and students to enjoy their options.

In the next few months, we would like to introduce breakfast and snack items as well as some ala carte items for “milk only” students who currently bring their lunches from home but may want to purchase side items to make it complete.

If your students have medically necessary dietary needs, we are willing to make reasonable accommodations when we are able. Please be sure to notify the school nurse and file any necessary paperwork when registering.

The Ray School Cafe operates a computerized point of sale system that allows students to prepay meals on an individual account. As purchases are made, the computer keeps track of the remaining available money on account. If you are writing a check for your child’s account, please make it payable to Hanover School District. You can check your child’s account, pay by credit card and keep track of when your child’s funds are getting low by signing up online at www.mymealtime.com and follow directions for “Create a New Profile.” Our point of sale system will utilize a pin pad to access the student’s prepaid accounts this year, so in preparation for them to learn their ID numbers, we have printed each student an ID card. As purchases are made, the students will punch in their number on a pin pad as they exit the cafeteria line. These personal ID numbers remain the same each year and will follow them all the way through Hanover High School. If your child had money on his or her account at the end of last year, that specific amount will transfer with your child to the next year and/or next school.

We do not currently participate in the National School Lunch Program, but the Hanover School District does fund families in need of help. The forms can be secured by contacting Della Domingue at 603-643-6655, ext. 272 or via email at della.domingue@rayschool.org. Forms can be filled out at any point throughout the school year should your financial situation change.

MealTime On-line Account Information

Let’s have a fun filled, great school year!
Christine, Pat and Jessica

Lauren Amrhein


Gwyn Dessert


Della Domingue

Admin Asst


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