Staff Health

As explained earlier in the document, the purpose of the protocols listed below is to decrease the risk of individuals infected with COVID-19 from entering the school building. The protocols below outline what staff will be doing on a daily basis. 

All Ray School staff will check their temperature and fill out a digital health questionnaire at home. If a staff member forgets to complete the health questionnaire, the staff member must complete it upon arriving at school but before entering the building. Upon arrival to school staff will, again, check their temperature with a non-touch wall mounted device. After taking their temperature, staff will proceed inside.

All staff will wear a mask throughout the school day. This begins outside the building if 6 feet of physical distancing cannot be achieved in the parking lot outside the building. We strongly encourage that staff take mask breaks throughout the day when more than 6 feet away from other staff and students. Along with masks, additional PPE will be available for all staff. Each staff member will be issued a face mask and instructed on proper cleaning. 

Staff are responsible for sanitizing their own personal items and space (desk, chair, computer etc.) Custodial services will be providing each classroom with a spray bottle of cleaner for routine cleaning and sanitizing. There will also be disinfecting wipes available. When opportunities arise for extra wiping down and sanitizing, staff are asked to contribute. Staff should wear gloves that will be provided, whenever they are cleaning.

Students will help keep their desks and personal items clean. Students will use safe and approved cleaners and wipes.


Teacher Workroom

When using the staff workroom tables, copiers, and supplies be aware of physical distancing. You should allow for 6 feet of distancing between colleagues. This will limit the number of faculty in the workroom. Please be mindful of the amount of time that you are utilizing the teacher workroom as others will be needing this space, especially during the busy first days of school.


Eating lunch is allowed in the teacher workroom, but we ask that physical distancing be followed. Removal of masks for eating will require a 6 foot separation from others. Patience, understanding, and kindness toward each other will go a long way.