Elementary School Definition:

As our guidelines, procedures, and schedules have evolved, the definition has also evolved. In-person instruction will be led by a classroom teacher. Students will be kept together throughout the day. Exceptions may include: small group instruction for students receiving special education services, small group instruction for students receiving academic support, and general hallway passing.However, in each of these situations, hand hygiene, mask wearing, and  physical distancing will occur. If there is small group instruction,  the use of clear/plastic barriers will occur.

Students may travel in the halls or around the exterior of the building to specials or Spanish classes, depending on the grade level and the special. 


Remote Learning Definition:

Families can choose to learn exclusively online this school year.  Students participating in this option will not be participating at school in-person. Students will learn from home in a separate online classroom with other Remote Learning students and a designated remote classroom teacher. They will remain in this virtual classroom group regardless of whether in-person learning continues or we transition to state-mandated remote learning.  Upon committing to the Remote Learning option for at least the first trimester for elementary, and first semester for RMS and HHS, parents will follow the SAU 70 Parent Remote Learning Contract, making them closer partners in their child’s education and understanding the responsibilities involved in that commitment. Remote teachers may modify or further clarify the contract based on the grade level(s)/developmental needs of the remote learning classroom. Any changes to the contract are approved by school administration and distributed electronically by the remote teacher in the welcome letter.