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October 15, 2018



Dear Families,

This short week was packed full of visitors and special events. Today we celebrated Dot Day and finished the day with an assembly.  As students sang the The Dot Song (click to listen), many linked elbows or put arms around the shoulders of classmates sitting next to them. A gentle sway of connected students across the risers, floor, and bleachers showed the friendship and care students felt for each other as they sang:

An empty paper, like a polar bear in a snowstorm. See where it takes you when you make, make, make a mark. All you gotta do is start.
And when somebody else thinks they can't draw a line, remember that you can help. Below that squiggle, help them sign.
And make, make, make a mark. All you gotta do is start. Paint a dot and watch it splatter. 
Make it matter.

All students can make their mark at the Ray School and in our world. What a wonderful message and wish for our children. 



Lauren Amrhein




Dot Day and Fire Safety Assembly

If you would like to hear the Dot Day stories yourself, please use these links to Peter H Reynolds’ Creatrilogy: The Dot,  ISH, and Sky Color

After we sang the Dot Song, Firefighters and Dispatcher Diana joined our assembly. The kindergarten and first grade classes sang “Don’t Get Burned” to the rest of the school. Firefighters Jay, Rob, Jon, John, Jeremy, Ebben, and Bob then shared several safety points with a big reminder to take home: “Ask your parents what you should do in your house if the smoke detector goes off. Make sure you have a family meeting place outside.” The badge your child received this afternoon as a gift from HFD is a reminder to have a conversation with your child about this important topic.

The firefighters ended their presentation showing us how they would get an injured hiker out of the woods in a forest rescue. Principal Amrhein was the lucky rescued patient today! 

Thank you Hanover Fire Department for helping to keep us safe!

International Friends & Family Coffee Social

The teachers of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) invite you for a coffee and conversation social after Sing Along on Wednesday, October 24 from 9:00am to 9:40am in the Ray Café. We are looking forward to a monthly discussion on different topics related to language learning and school life, including customs and holidays. Please bring any questions you have about Ray School schedules, classes, homework, and more. Please contact linda.machalaba@rayschool.org with questions. We hope to see you soon! 

School Safety: Lockdown Drill 

The Ray School will be holding a lockdown drill at 1:30pm on Monday. Teachers will be explaining lockdown procedures in a developmentally appropriate way. The Hanover Police Department will be on site to assist with the drill. Please note that the building will be locked during this drill with no one allowed to enter or exit the building. A sign will be placed on the front entrance to notify visitors that school is locked down. Once the sign is removed, the drill is over. Please feel free to contact Principal Lauren Amrhein with with any questions. 

Bus Route Reminder

Last week the SAU sent out a message with updated bus routes.  Please take a moment to review them as some of the routes and times have changed.

Bike & Walk to School Day

This event was a great success and the weather was beautiful. While some students had short walks, others walked nearly 2 miles to get to school. We had a visit from the DartMoose who was spotted near Hemlock and Reservoir Roads, waving to walkers and bikers. Many Hanover Police officers helped with traffic and safe road crossings. We are grateful for the collaborative effort of the Ray staff and PTO, Richmond Middle School staff and PTO, and the Town of Hanover Bike/Pedestrian Committee. 


Reminder: Picture Day

Picture day will be Friday, October 19th with retakes on Monday, November 19th.  If you would like to place your order online please go to https://lifetouch.com/.  Our Picture Day ID is VJ018024Q0.

Kids and Community

This week we had visits from:

  • Sgt. Tom Dakai from NH Fish and Game
  • Mr. Kevin MacLean, the Superintendent of the Hanover Water Reclamation Department
  • Dispatcher Diana Guillette 
  • Firefighters Jay, Wayne, Ebben, Wayne, Jack, Joe and Jon
  • Officer Tim Meenagh

Students asked great questions and learned many fun facts about our guests. Ask your students what they learned about these visitors!



District Transportation Page

Ray Cafe Webpage 

District Calendar

October Calendar


Local Interest

Ford Sayre

The Ford Sayre Ski Programs Online Registration is now open.

  • Ski Instruction and Training Programs for Kids of All Ages
  • Alpine, Nordic, Freestyle, and Jumping
  • Check us out and register at www.FordSayre.org
  • Think Snow!