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Stories - Ray of Sunshine

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Important Announcements

Before pre-registering please call the school for necessary information.

The following is for any new families attending Norwich/Hanover for the very first time. If your child is currently enrolled with one of the SAU 70 schools then pre-registration is not necessary,

Are you interested in enrolling your children with the SAU 70 schools in Dresden, Hanover, and Norwich for 2018-2019? Then here is the online pre-registration form to fill out and submit for each child.

Thank you!

Due to the volume of changes still in flux we will be seeking the Hanover School Board's guidance on Thursday, September 20th and will post updated routes on Monday, September 24th by the end of the day.

Thank you for your anticipated understanding in this matter.

SAU 70 Administration


Current routes can be viewed here.