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Our Mission and Values

The Bernice A. Ray School welcomes all elementary-age children in Hanover, and Etna, New Hampshire in kindergarten through grade 5. Our teachers and staff members are committed to maintaining a safe, healthy, and trusting environment for all children. We offer a balanced and challenging academic program and a supportive atmosphere for children of all abilities and backgrounds.

At the heart of our school community is our mission and core values – We honor a common vision of equality. We provide a challenging educational program that focuses on the individual child while fostering the motivation to learn and to collaborate. Our teachers and staff members promote the school’s core values through meaningful instructional experiences that include exemplary integrated and interdisciplinary project-based learning outcomes.In addition to the core subject areas of English language arts, math, science, social studies, and the arts, we seek to expand each child’s interests, reasoning, collaboration, and communication skills. Our children learn to take risks in the pursuit of knowledge and to develop their individual talents. All members of the school community follow the precepts of our ''Three Rs'' – Rights, Respect, and Responsibility.

The educational, social, and emotional growth of each child is our prime concern and we actively encourage our students to become responsible and contributing members of the community.